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Tune Up: Capacitors



Capacitors are used in most electronic products, and it’s common to see many of them populating a circuit board. These cylindrical devices store power the way a reservoir stores water. So when a circuit needs a bit of juice, the cap releases it. A capacitor is able to deliver power more rapidly than the car’s charging system because the power capacitor has a lower internal resistance, which allows it to quickly discharge.

In the early 1990s, car audio sound-off competitors started adding large capacitors to their sound systems to provide instantaneous power when peaks in a musical passage demanded it. Before long, car audio-specific capacitors became available to the masses, and now they are a common sight in most high-end systems Capacitors are rated in Farads, which is a measure of how much power they can store. The rule of thumb is to use 1 Farad of capacitance for every 1,000watts of power. So if you have a 500-watt system, you would need a 0.5-Farad capacitor.

Capacitors are available in Farad ratings ranging from 0.5 up to 40 for extremely high-powered systems, and vary in price from $75 for a 0.5-Farad cap to more than $500 for a large-Farad version. Besides Farad rating and shape, capacitors also differ in features, with some sporting built-in digital voltage meters and power-distribution blocks. You can buy a capacitor from most car audio retailers, and they’re available online from e-retailers such as Crutchfield (www.crutchfield.com).

You probably don’t need a capacitor if you have a modest system without a subwoofer, but you could probably use one if your system includes at least one subwoofer. If you have several amplifiers and multiple subwoofers, adding a cap or two can definitely improve your system’s performance. Whether you need a capacitor also depends on how much current your amplifiers draw from the vehicle’s charging system as well as the type of music you listen to. If you primarily listen to bass-heavy rap music and your headlights dim every time your system hits a bass note because of the strain on your car’s charging system, a capacitor could help. (You should also have your car’s electrical system checked to make sure it’s up to snuff, however.) Or if you think the total current draw of all of the amplifiers in your system starts to exceed the capacity of your car’s alternator, you’ll probably want to add a cap.

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Canon EOS 500D (Digital Rebel T1i / Kiss X3 Digital)



Just 14 months after the launch of the EOS Rebel XSi (450D), Canon has unveiled its latest model, the Rebel T1i (500D). It's the fifth generation of Rebel and enters the market at a difficult time - in the midst of a global economic downturn and against the fiercest competition we've ever seen in the entry-level DSLR sector. So what has Canon done to make this latest model in the longest-established family in the sector live up to the edgy and exciting image implied by its US naming?

The 500D/T1i doesn't quite have to be the everyman camera that its predecessors were. The introduction of the Rebel XS (1000D) in June 2008 means the T1i no longer has to appeal to everybody who doesn't want to stretch to buying into the 50D class. As a result, the 450D was able to bulk up its feature set to include a selection of features that price-conscious shoppers don't necessarily realize they want, such as a larger viewfinder and spot metering. The result was probably the most complete Rebel we'd seen.

There's a full explanation of the differences between the 500D/T1i and it predecessor on the coming pages but, in general terms, it's a gentle re-working of the 450D. So you get the 15MP sensor much like the one that appears in the 50D, helping this to become the first entry-level DSLR to feature video (and 1080p HD video at that). You also get the lovely 920,000 dot VGA monitor that has been slowly working its way down most manufacturer's DSLR line-ups. There are a handful of other specification tweaks that come from the use of the latest Digic 4 processor but essentially this is most of a 50D stuffed into the familiar 450D body.

And, if the loss of the letter 'X' from the US name seems a bit disconcerting, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that the Japanese market will still know it by the odd-to-European-ears 'Kiss X3 Digital.' For simplicity's sake, we'll refer to the 500D/T1i/Kiss X3 by the name 500D throughout the rest of the preview. (Source from dpreview.com)

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Is cats don't like water?


“In your opinion, does cat is afraid of water? Yes? No? The answer is absolutely no. Sometimes, we can see a cat jump into the water. The cat fans proofed that the fact of the cats’ larger relatives, such as tigers and jaguars love to swim. So, why isn’t the cat likely to swim? For your information, the cats have cleanliness extremely. It won’t get wet because it’s so lazy. Its figures it isn’t worth the effort to dry and clean itself with its tongue to enjoy something as superficial as marine frolic frisk. Unless you make it starve and fill up your pool with fish, your cat will easily pounce into that pool :P…So cute”

This fact I took from the Readers Digest magazine, issued November 2008. I’m a cat lover, since my house have 4 cats, 2girls and 2 boys. But it was in my childhood. I’m too afraid to adopt a cat now because I can’t face with it death. It was a terrible feel when you love most to the cat and it died. Worst case scenario, it dies in front of you. The last time I’ve adopted a cat when I was in primary school (1997). After that, I just see, play and frisk with the cat at my friend’s house or my uncle’s house.
In this post, I would like to introduce about a cat. Distinguish and know what it need, food, toys and a little bit about it language. Actually, all of the facts and information I’ve got a little from my experience since I was child and a little from my friends. Right after finishing the post, you’ll be able to start adopting cat and manage it well. Actually, cat is a much pampered pet. It needs a lot of attention and care from its adopter. The cat can show grumble or feel unhappiness while its adopter won’t much care to it. “Cats may express affection towards their human companions, especially if they imprint on them at a very young age and are treated with consistent affection.” This fact I took from Wikipedia show that cat has a sense to human and we should take attention to this fact if we are really want to take care of it.

The House
Familiarize your cat back to your home at night with feed it constantly besides teach them to stay at your home. It is necessary to prevent from any fights, collide with a car or keep away for any dangerous for it life. The majority of cats feel comfortable in the house and also many of the owners choose their cat to stay at their home for sense of harmony and extra of calmness. The manner of cats such as pampered, cuteness and the way it play make people enjoy and feel happy. “It’s such an amazing feeling will come out from your heart when you play with the cats”, said Ashoney who are the process engineer in the Seagate Company, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. She said that, everyday she spends about one to two hours with her cats after back from the office. Although she is tired and pressure with her works, she must play with the cats to release all her tiresome at the office. She also said that, cats make her feel happiness and can be very good friends forever.

The Language
Cats also have body language to express to the surroundings how it feels. Below are the examples on how you can predict what their feels are:

  1. Looked upwards and move it head to the back- there some one come to it nearly
  2. Half of it eyes closed and it ears turn to front- It feel comfortable with itself.
  3. The ears turn to back and the pupil will smaller- It’s a warning that it is get angry, so leave it alone for a while.
  4. It pupil get bigger even in the bright light- It shocked
  5. The ears direct to front and the eyes is bigger- It want to play
Slant it ears, close it eyes and looking at you- Showing that it coax you. It also shows that it won’t hazard you and it also hope that you are that way too.

The Feel
Your cats enjoy when you touch and caress it body for calm and peaceful. So caress to it cheeks to make a bond relation based on physical contact.

The cats love to play. Play is a vital important for it health and it agility because it stimuli their brain and avoid from fatty. However, the cat also can feel boring especially when it alone in the house. The impact, your cats will make the house as their own. It will make scattered, disorder and damage your stuff. So, this is why the toys take very important role.
  • One of the best cat toys is a piece of string tied securely to a stick . Users can amuse the cat while remaining seated in a chair.
  • Place Ping-Pong balls in an empty bathtub and let your cat bat them around . This game is particularly exciting for kittens and younger cats.
  • Some felines enjoy exploring paper bags and boxes. Avoid bags with handles (cats can catch their necks in the loops) and never risk suffocation with plastic bags.
  • Cats will stalk and pursue a point of light played along the walls and floor of a darkened room. Try laser pointers and/or flashlights.
If you want to know more about cat's stuff, do visit here. There will be a lot of stuff for cats such as it food, toys, cloth, bed and many more. The web owner, Karen Nichols is a professional about cats and most probably a cat lover.

To enclose this post, I present the talking cat video that I've took from Youtube. The video showed there has a conversation between 2 cats that laying down on the bed. This is the most cute scenes that I ever watched. Enjoy it!!!

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Fire In the Hole!!!


A few years ago in the community of student, there has a boy called 'bersahaje'. He loved to play 'Counter Strike' almost every time when there was a chance. Students in the college shouting and sometimes laughed when playing the game. Shooting the enemy or opponents with the chosen weapons, escape from the horror shooting scenes and for the terrorist plant the C4 bomb on the counter base. Actually, the tactical of this game is run, hide and attack. It wasn't mean that run means coward. That what we call strategy to win the game. Besides able to handling the weapon, Sniper, ambush and guard of the basement are the important tactical of this game.

Basically, when I played this great game, I feel like in the real shooting scenes such as in the Shoot Them Up movie starring by Clive Owen or Hitman starring by Timothy Olyphant. Shooting with the skill and right technical will kill your opponent in a style look. But this only in game guys, not in the real life. So, the 'Counter Strike' have a lot of real weapons such as Eagle, Ak47, M16 and many more besides of the side safety stuff such as helmet, bullet proof and defuser kits.

So, in this post, I don't want to explain much more about that game. I just want to brief or maybe discuss about similar to "Counter Strike". That's paintball. Paintball (PB) is another part of the extreme games in the world which about 5.4 million people played the game in the United States in 2007, with over 1.5 million playing at least 15 times. It's showed that this game got an attention peoples nowadays. Maybe, all these peoples love 'Counter Strike' just like me :P. From the computer game turns into real life game. The healthy activity actually have a main rules same like 'Counter Strike'. 2 groups of people trying hard to eliminate their opponent by shooting using the paintball gun (pellets containing paint).

The game can play either indoor or outdoor which is depends on player as long as the site is relevant and practical. But almost people who play this game prefer to go to commercial paintball parks. In the park, there has built inflatable or permanent bunkers. Bunkers is used to shield players from been shooting. In my experienced (based on Counter Strike :P), the shooting game principle use 3 concepts:

1. Hide
Hiding when someone shooting on you or want to ambush the opponent.

2. Run
Run either for hunting your opponent or to escape being shooting. Run to safety place or call the back up.

3. Attack
Attack with tactical may wreck your opponent. While attacking, you should be relax and focus. Don't be afraid because the paint bullet won't killing you furthermore it's just a ball!! Being a little painful is normal in the extreme game :).

What are the equipments we should have to play this game?

Mask and complete paintball marker (Gun) are the basic equipment for this game. Usually, the paintball park already have all the tools and equipment for play including site, uniform, mask, gun and pallets.
Let's Get To Play.

First, assemble 2 groups of you friends each group at least has 4 members. The more members you have, the more pleasant you'll get.

Second, go to your nearest paintball park. Don't forget to wear a sport shoes.

Third, pay up for the site rent.

Fourth, play in a safe environment. Respect people and avoid fighting. The person who get shot, will out from the game.

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